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Nanjing university of Chinese Medicine


Nanjing university of Chinese Medicine was established in the year 1954 for serving the knowledge of making and researching on traditional Chinese medicines. The name of university was changed by the founders in 1995 from “Nanjing traditional Chinese medical college” to “Nanjing univesity of Chinese Medicines”. The university is located in republic of China which is Nanjing, in province of Jiangsu. NJUCM was manufactured with the combined power of people’s government and state administration of traditional chinese medicines of people’s republic of China. This university comes under the category of oldest institutes providing the academics in traditional medicines of China.
In the work period of 64 years, this university has record of producing qualified doctors which are serving people with their valuable academics. From the first working day of institute, our team has trained the first batch of teachers, created the first publication of syllabus and textbooks for promoting the value of academics in Traditional Chinese Medicines. With the rising experiences in making and researching on chinese medicines, the developers and teaching faculties has got a grip and confidence for serving their best services to the people of China as well as globally.
Nanjing is a Historical part of China, With the establishment of two major Campuses of NJUCM it has been more popular globally. Hanzhongmen and Xianlin are the two campuses of this university with the huge crowd of more than 20,000 students pursuing their academics in different fields of Traditional medicines of China. Both of campuses are covering area of mare than 102 hectares. There are many institutes and hospitals which comes under the hand of this university. This university is a pride of 10 Schools which are directly affiliated, 32 hospitals and more than 100 training and internship centers. This university is inviting international students to serve them education of Traditional medicines of China.
This university has established its connection with international organisations in more than 90 countries globally. This university has made partnership with higher educational institutions, government organisations and academies in major regions of more than 30 countries. This university has made many centers of Chinese medicines in Europe and america which are running succesffuly and providing best services. This University has established 3- traditional chinese medicine centers in large countries named as Sino-Switzerland, Sino-France and Sino-Australia which have become national-levelled overseas centers of Chinese medicines.

We are from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicines which is WHO Co-Functioning center for Traditional medicines of China Nominized by World Health Organization. The training centers of this University has got approval from Ministry of Health. This University has become the first progressive Foundation of Chinese medicines which is authorized by the ministry of Education to Invite the scholars globally for serving their education in Traditional Chinese medicines.

Every academic year of all scholars starts with thew new strategies and plans for getting education from the top class university. We are always there to shine your career with our hardworking faculties and strong resources over experiments and researches.

Our university is popular for achieving appreciation in teachings. In university campus, there are multiple units of professors and teachers serving their knowledge to the students. These teaching units are serving for College of basic medicines, College of second clinical medicine, college of first clinical medicine, college of nursing, college of pharmacy and college of international education.  We have more than 1200 instruction members, more than 125 Educators and 200 associates Educators. These professors and Educators has been experts in the same medical field in their yester careers. Our university has enlighten more than 30,000 experts and professionals to serve for the country.

Our experts has also strong hand in researches and experiments. Jiangsu provincial center for research and development of marine Drugs and Juansu Provincial center for deep processing Engineering of Herbal Medicines are affiliated to our university. Currently, we are serving 3 Fields at national level, 7 Key disciplines of state administration of traditional medicines of China as well as 7 Disciplines at Provincial level. In recent years, three projects of scientific research  from our university has awarded with national appreciations by government faculties. And some of our programs has got national certificates for making new medicines of first Grade.

Sports complex: Sports are the basic need of every student’s life. There are ample of physical and strategical games which can be counted as sports. Whenever the students needs some freshness, they mode towards the sports complex to refresh their mind. We are providing a sports complex with huge area where the scholars can find their method of getting freshness. There are ample of games provided in the sports complex where students can heal their mind and soul with physical as well as strategical games.

Hostels: As you know, we are inviting students from all over the world. So, we need to develop our facilities at international level. In hostels, the student can navel feel hassle because, the wardens of hostel are active and helpful. They always remains behind you for serving their best, they are always there for you even in the midnight.

Mess and Cafeteria : we are inviting international students which are coming from different regions with various tastes of foods and cuisines. The chefs of our mess and cafeteria are very dedicated and hardworking which can make all type of cuisines.

Help desk: A help desk is a basic need of every college and institute, help desks provides the basic facilities of helping the students while having connection with thee every department of any institution. We are serving for a popular university, so we are always there to facilitate out students with any type of service. Our help desks are always stay awake at every floor and corner of our university campus. The students can feel free to ask them any type of query, the service providers even can go with you to let you find the right direction.

Gym and Cardio: well, gym and cardio soothes the soul and mind of any person. Any teenager or adult wants to stay fit and healthy, they always want to add physical and heath activities in their daily routines. In our campus, you will find a GYM which will be well equipped with the latest machinery or well mannered trainers. You will also be feeling entertained as you can hear the music according to your choice by putting your pen-drive in any machine of the gym.

Wi-Fi service:  Our mobiles and gadgets remains empty and less useful without the access of internet connectivity. Internet connectivity is being lifeline for our devices as well as for us. It is also helping us in our academics and studies. Well, following the same line, we have added Free Wi-Fi connections in all hostels and buildings of campus of our university, you can enjoy hassle free and frequent internet connectivity for your academics as well as your personal use.

Library: For keeping the knowledge of scholars on high end, we have established libraries in every section of our university where you can get help from thousands of books as well as you will be getting a personal identity and password for using the Library of the college. You can also use our digital liberality where you will find easy and fast solution of any of your question. You can change your password once you get the ID from faculty members.

Laundry: As being students, when we remain in our home, we have never used to do laundry ourselves. Most of the students comes with the keeping questions in mind of facility of laundry. For facilitating them for the same, we are providing laundry machines in the every building of hostel. The students can wash their clothes by putting them in automatic washing machine, reluctantly they can get washed and fresh clothes without any hassle.

Medical services: Medical services are the basic needs of every civilization. We have established a medical center in every building of campus to facilitate the scholars with any type of medical help. The students can find 24×7 help and assistance while visiting the reception of the dispensary.

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