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Get the Admission in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Get the Admission in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

The NUMC (Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine) presently provides 3 types of medical degrees for the students like Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Doctoral. And the program of bachelor’s concentrates on different scopes that is related to TCM. Some of the best specialties combine the field of medicine, science, economics, management, and letters. The NUMC also provides other non-TCM specialties as they have following responsibility towards TCM. And the NUMC also has 3 post-doctorate research stations that combine with 25 programs that are authorized to permit Doctoral degrees and 44 programs are permitted to Master’s degrees.

Campus Overview

The campus of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine combines the 2 main campuses which are the Xianlin campus and the Hanzhong campus. The first campus is situated along Xianlin Rd and is a wide campus with eco-friendly and digital designed gardens. And the second campus is situated in nearby the historic Black Dragon Lake and the western part of the city. By the way, it is certified by the Ministry of Science & Technology and also the  MOE (Ministry of Education) correspondingly, The NUMC provides as a GCP research center for new Engineering Center and Medicine Development for consistency of Chinese Medicine Processing. And the library of NUMC has a collection of 970,000 electronic books, 900,000 books, 20,000 electronic journals, and more than 1,156 journals.

Associated Hospitals

It possesses 30 affiliated hospitals, 9 directly associated schools, and more than 100 internship and training bases. It combines the Jiangsu Province Hospital of TCM which is the second associated hospital of NUMC, and the Nanjing Hospital of TCM that is the third associated hospital of NUMC of TCM, Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, and some of the other medical hospitals.

Communication and Cooperation

The NUMC standards of academic exchange and International Cooperation. It has begun the joint Bachelor program with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology of Australia in the year 1993 that preparing the university, the first medical university of TCM in China which started the international collaboration with an Internationally recognized university in the part of TCM higher education.

And nowadays, it is easy to get admission at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine for MBBS in China and every student of other countries applied to the best and MCI approved medical university in China.

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